Christmas Portraits!!!

It's that time of year again! The holiday season is quickly approaching, so have your Christmas portraits done early this year. We are now scheduling for studio Christmas portraits for next Saturday, November 6th from 9 AM to 5 PM. This is the ONLY DAY we will offer Christmas portraits in studio this year, so call now (633-3755) to schedule your appointment! Sessions will go fast!

We will have a our traditional Christmas scene as well as a simple winter white scene, complete with a white tree. Call us today and check one thing off your list early! We also offer beautiful, custom Christmas cards. To see some of our designs, go to our website at and click on "galleries" and "specialty cards".

Christmas at the Barn was very popular last year, so we will be bring it back on Saturday, November 27th! Casual sweaters and jeans are best for this outside session. This is also a ONE DAY ONLY offering, so call us today (633-3755) to schedule for your casual Christmas portraits!

We can't wait to see you all dressed up in your Christmas best!!!

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Ashley & Stephen's Wedding!

Ashley and Stephen had a truly beautiful wedding! They were married at First Baptist Church in downtown New Bern and then rode the trolley around a bit before it dropped them off at their Hilton reception. They danced the night away on the veranda of the Hilton overlooking the river. Thank you so much for letting us in on your special day... we have enjoyed getting to know you both and wish you a lifetime of happiness! Maybe we'll bump into you next time we're at Ocracoke!

Lindsey & Brad's Wedding Moments

Lindsey and Brad were married at St. Paul's Catholic Church in New Bern, NC with their reception at Carolina Colours Pavilion. We photographed Lindsey and Brad's engagement session and Lindsey's bridal (you can view both are on previous blog posts). Every time we photograph this couple we capture memorable images; they are just so comfortable in front of a camera! These are a few of my favorite wedding moments from Lindsey and Brad's wedding. I think these photographs speak for themselves, but since I like to over-elaborate on everything, I have to tell you that I was so surprised and LOVED the garter removing. Brad is a shy guy, he barely spoke during their engagement session, so when "Danger Zone" began playing for the garter removing and he whipped out his aviator sunglasses, it was a great moment! Who doesn't love a Top Gun moment (for those of us born in the 80s)? ... and yes Brad is military, so thank you Brad!!!

Jessica & Mario

After meeting with Jessica and Mario about their wedding, John spent 15 minutes photographing them in downtown New Bern. They live in California and were only down for the week of their wedding, so we made the most of our time together with a quick engagement session. This session may have been fast, but I love the images John captured. I met the couple at their wedding the following weekend and can honestly say, these images don't lie. You really can see what a fun, loving couple they are!!! Wedding to come soon!

Gracie Dean

I had a great time photographing little Gracie! She is such a doll and very easy-going. I just love how her session turned out... especially the "little ballerina" portrait! Thanks Amy for letting my photograph your sweet little girl!!!

Photography through the Generations...

This is a photograph of my maternal grandfather (in front), his siblings and my great-grandparents. I have always felt that photography is incredibly important. As a child I loved to look at my mom's and my grandma's photo albums. I would go through them over and over again, asking who each person was and trying to picture them in relation to my parents or grandparents. I would try to imagine their lives as the children or young adults pictured in the photographs.

Photography is an under-appreciated art, but it is just so important! You can get a sense of lives past and learn about your ancestors. It was more difficult to photograph, process and print in the film days... especially in the days of flash bulbs and brownie cameras. I can tell that my family must have seen the importance of it through their vast collections of photographs capturing special moments in their lives. They could not always afford professional photography, but they continued to record their lives on film. Most people claim they would try to save their photographs first if their home, God forbid, caught fire. What does this say about those people? Perhaps that they value the history and moments of their past, they know the importance of family history.

The fact is photographs help keep our memories clear. Photographs reveal a bit of ourselves to future generations. Photographs link generations that would otherwise have no common ground.

Each family should capture those day-to-day moments and save them to the best of their abilities. For the most special moments in life, those moments where their is no second chance to capture the milestone or emotion, there are professional photographers. In the days where black and white film was the only option and photographs were created in a darkroom, the processes for both professionals and consumers were the same. Today, in the digital revolution, consumer methods of archiving digital files and printing are typically vastly different from those tried and true methods of professionals.

Professional photographers know how to perfectly capture and properly preserve those once in a lifetime moments such as your wedding or the first days of your new baby's life. It is true that professional photography can be expensive at times, but in the long run you are going to treasure those precious memories captured and preserved forever more than the new outfit, nice dinner or weekend getaway you sacrificed in order to have them. How many "things" that you would otherwise spend that money on, will still be around for your great-great-grandchildren? How many of those "things" will give future generations a glimpse into your life, reveal the real you when you have long past?

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The Traheim Family Beach Session!

I had a great time with the Traheim Family. Erik and Alexander, the two boys, sure are a handful! Kids always have the best expressions....when they aren't looking at the camera. I managed to act crazy enough to get some real smiles out of them! Lets get your family out on the beach!!

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Erin Bridal

We photographed Erin's bridal session a few months ago and just photographed her wedding recently. Her entire session took place at Fort Macon inside and around the fort. I love how the rustic fort setting contrasts with her formal wedding attire! We had a great time and definitely laughed all the way through this session.

Ashley @ Tryon Palace

I am always excited when I get to post bridal sessions! It seems like the longest wait ever between a bridal session and wedding! Now that Ashley and Stephen are happily hitched (as of Saturday) I get the pleasure of showing Ashley off! You may remember her and Stephen from their Ocracoke engagement session earlier this year. Ashley looks absolutely beautiful in her wedding gown (and we had tons of fun... but you can see that)! Keep checking back, I'll post a wedding preview soon!

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