NC Aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores Wedding!

We have had so many inquiries lately about wedding photography at the NC Aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores ( so... I created a short video to show an aquarium wedding from last year. If you have been looking around for a photographer for your aquarium wedding, you have probably noticed that most of the photos you see have bright foregrounds with dark or dingy backgrounds. What sets us apart is that John (I would say "we" but it would be a total lie) lights the whole area with strobes. This provides an even, flattering light in both the foreground and background of your photographs. If you have any questions, feel free to comment and I'll do my best to answer. Happy Wedding Planning!

A Look Back at 2010: Jennifer & Oz!

Jennifer & Oz are such a great couple! They were referred to us by their close friends, whose wedding we photographed a few years ago. We photographed their engagement, Jennifer's bridal and their wedding! It is so wonderful to have the chance to really get to know a couple at their engagement session and then feel like old friends at their wedding. Keep checking back on our blog; I'll be posting a few more weddings, bridals and engagement sessions to look back on from last year!

On a different note, CONGRATULATIONS to all the brides we met at The Wedding Show in Raleigh and the Crystal Coast Wedding Salon in Atlantic Beach! Planning a wedding is such a huge undertaking. We wish you all the best for your upcoming weddings and would love to be of service to you any way we can. I'll be doing several posts looking back on our favorite moments of 2010! To find more engagement, bridal portraits or weddings, check our blog labels.

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