Keila & Piotr

We are photographing so many engagement and bridal sessions lately for our upcoming weddings. I am loving meeting all of the happy couples! Keila and Piotr are definitely one of those happy couples! We probably laughed for most of the session; they are a blast to be around! We had a few equipment issues, but the show must go on right? All in all, this was a super fun evening!!! We are looking forward to their upcoming wedding at Carolina Colours. ...okay, I am just itching to say it, "sweet love on a roll" is the best--I'm just loving it!

Carissa & Pete

We just photographed Carissa & Pete last Saturday evening at Fort Macon, Atlantic Beach and will be photographing their wedding this Saturday in New Bern! Carissa and Pete were super fun and relaxed! We are really looking forward to their wedding!!!

Stephanie's Bridal Session!

We loved Stephanie the first time we met her; she is just so happy and fun to be around! Her bridal session was no different, we all had a blast! Pam DuVal, wedding planner for Promised Hearts, came along to assist Stephanie with her dress and veil (way to go that extra mile Pam) as well as her sister, Lisa. We wandered around downtown New Bern and photographed in some new areas. We even took some twilight images around the front gates of Tryon Palace (these were Stephanie's favorites)! All in all, a great evening. I've been waiting for her wedding so I could post these and not chance Thomas (the groom) seeing her in her dress pre-wedding. So, yay, the day has finally come!!!

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