Photography as ART!

John and I have discussed on numerous occasions why it is that photography, especially portrait photography, is barely (if at all) recognized as art. For me, photography is my art form; it is how I express my views of the world. Whether I am photographing a scenic landscape, abstract images, or portraits, I use photography to convey my thoughts on the subject. How the subject is captured can completely change the mood of the image. If you too, love photography as art and want to learn more, John will be teaching photography classes later this summer in our downtown New Bern studio (more on this to come).

A portrait of a days-old newborn peacefully sleeping can most definitely classify as art and be framed and hung in a prominent location in one's home. Why is it, that most people I come in contact with would prefer to hang impersonal, mass-produced pieces on their home walls as opposed to custom, personal photographic art? I think of portrait art as "art with meaning." I've also noticed a preference of purchasing more traditional posed portraits out of a feeling of obligation (to what or whom I don't know) while all the fun, original portraits are the favorites. Why not choose your favorites for the wall? I may never understand, but I will continue to create artistic photographs and portraits nonetheless and hope that one day they too will be classified as art.

I'd like to recognize Alfred Stieglitz for his photographic work and struggle to have photography recognized as art, before many of us were even born. He is one of the greats! Check out a quick bio here:

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