Photographs don't lie... or do they?

The saying photographs don't lie is no longer true in this digital age. At Portraits by Angelo we want to photograph the REAL YOU! We do retouch all of our portraits (at no extra cost) and help you to look your very best during your portrait session, but we do not "get Photoshop happy" and go so extreme that your portrait becomes more fantasy than reality.

Our goal is to capture Your Personality and Emotions and record them forever in a portrait. To us a portrait should be something your grand-kids love to look at because it reveals a part of who you were back when and how you became who you are today.

We photograph in natural settings as much a possible and prefer locations that mean something to you. If you became engaged at Ocracoke, NC, then why not take engagement portraits there? On the rare occasion we do studio portraiture, we use minimal if any props--remember our goal is a portrait that reveals who you are outside and inside. Our goal is a photograph that doesn't lie!

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